Are you looking for weight loss?

You’re not alone. There are literally thousands of people looking for weight loss in Croydon alone.

The vast majority of people we meet as Personal Trainers site “weight loss” as their number one goal to achieve. They’ve probably tried countless diets in the past and have grown sick and tired of the constant yo-yo affect that these diets have.

Finally, they make the decision to search google for “weight loss trainer Croydon”, in the hope of finding somebody who can provide a more sustainable approach to weight loss.

This is where we come in. See, instead of focussing on weight loss – we focus on fat loss training.

Our programmes are designed to not only burn the calories required to lose weight, but they are also designed to ensure you don’t lose too much of that precious muscle that is required to keep metabolism high.

We have two priorities:

  1. Create the weight loss calories deficit, by increasing energy expenditure and getting you eating sensibly and healthily

  2. Retain as much muscle as possible, by ensuring that the calorie deficit isn’t too great, and muscle is spared.

If we achieve this in a way that suits your lifestyle; we make training enjoyable and ensure that your nutrition plan still includes enough of the foods you enjoy eating – then your chances of achieving long-term fat loss – and weight loss - are far greater than any diet plan you may have tried in the past.

If you’d like to try something different – and receive help to finally shift that weight once and for all, contact our Personal Training team today. We offer Online Personal Training, Group Personal Training and 1:1 Personal Training, along with Gym Memberships designed to guide you towards achieving your goals!

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