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The MyPTstudio Band System exists to give our Group PT sessions more of a personal touch. Each station has 5 levels of exercise intended to challenge, relative to your own fitness levels.

At some stations you may use the yellow exercise, while at others you may use the purple. Use the variation you feel fits your level of competence in that exercise.

Our PT’s will be checking your technique and form and provide coaching on your progressions /regressions where necessary.

Benchmark weeks offer you the chance to work on improving your ability in certain exercises and make progress within the Group PT Programme.

Blue Band

Blue band exercises are mobility exercises, great for anybody with limited movement or strength. For example, if you’re carrying an injury or have mobility issues – then use this as a regression on this station.

Yellow Band

Yellow band exercises are intended for anybody starting the programme or looking to build strength in a particular area. Use this to begin with and if too easy try progressing to red. Alternatively use this as a regression if you’re feeling a particular exercise difficult.

Red Band

Red band exercises are progressions on the yellow band and include a greater level of technical ability. These will typically overload muscles by using different types of muscle contractions or include a greater range of movement to make the exercise tougher.

Purple Band

Purple band exercises are advanced level exercises intended to create greater muscle stimulus and physical adaptations. This may include a heavier weight, more complex skill, or a tougher form of muscle contraction to generate an even tougher workout.

Black Band

Black band exercises are extremely advanced exercises and a progression on the purple band. These will typically feature a high level of skill, coordination, balance and strength and challenge the body from all angles.

Here are two examples, taken from one of our sessions: