Time to TrainThis is another one of those questions we're often asked by clients starting out with us...

"What is the optimal time for me to train in order to burn the most fat?"

You may have heard your stories of friends who have been training first thing in the morning and have reported more fat loss as a result.

This is great news if they have. But the reality is, this was certainly not because of the time of day they have been training.

Create an energy deficit!

It’s important to remember that in order burn fat consistently, we need to be within an energy deficit over the course of the day, course of the week and course of the month. In other words, we need to be burning more calories than we consume on a consistent basis.

As such, we need to be planning our training to ensure we’re getting the absolute maximum efficiency out of each and every training session.

Our aim should be to perform at our best; make progressions where possible and keep calorie expenditure consistently higher than our intake from food and drink.

If that means training at 6:45am every morning to get it out of the way, then go for it.

If you’re that person who can’t possibly function without several whacks of the “snooze” button and a large mug of coffee, then possibly afternoons or evenings are best for you.

Find your own magical training time!

Ask yourself, what is the best time for you to train where you feel your best and are consistently able to achieve progression?

Finding this time will allow you to achieve more adherence to your programme and, as such, achieve better results from your training over time.