Food Healthy v SweetsThis is something we come across all too often..

You’re making amazing progress in your workouts, tracking your nutrition and sticking to the plan your Trainer has provided you with. You've finally found a plan that works - and are seeing and feeling great results from it all too.

Nothing can stop you. You’re well on track towards that summer body you’ve always dreamt of!

Then out of nowhere, you’re tested...

It’s Dave from the office’s Birthday today, somebody else’s next week too. Cakes are brought in and sat right next to your desk, almost as a tiny sugar-coated reminder of the body you once had. You have a whole host of work and social functions in the calendar. All of which mess up the streamlined routine that’s served you so well over the last few months.

We realise it’s not easy. 99.9% of our clients have real lives; lives that involve Birthdays, holidays, social gatherings and good old family days out in the sun! We know that many of you also sit for hours in meetings and client entertaining – with nothing more than sandwiches, cakes, coffee and alcohol to help pass the time.

But what do you do when life takes over?

Crumble and give in; letting your goals fall by the wayside in the process? Or do you create a strategy to do your best, work around the obstacles and keep yourself on track and pushing towards your goals?

This is the point where you're really tested. It's time to prove to yourself you've got what it takes to make this healthy lifestyle work!

Here’s our top tips on keeping yourself on track and moving forwards when your routine becomes tested:


1. Write down your goals and the reasons why you started exercising and eating healthily in the first place. Often this reminder will help bring things into perspective.

2. Tell your PT or somebody close to you about the struggles you face. Often airing a problem brings clarity to the situation. You’ll often answer your own dilemmas with positive answers!

3. Plan your meals over the weekend and batch cook some foods which you can take into work with you. Taking some time out to prepare for situations where your routine is tested will pay dividends in the long run.

4. Use the meals you can rely on to get your good nutrients in.


5. Keep healthy fats close-by. Foods like nuts, avocado, eggs, almond/peanut butter, hummus, olives, beans will all prove to be great pre-meeting snacks and prevent you from being tempted by sugary sweets and cakes.

6. Take your water into the meeting with you. It’s vitally important to keep yourself hydrated for many, many reasons. This will also help you avoid over eating and drinking unwanted calories.


7. If you know you have a calorie-laden meal coming up, work backwards and adjust your calories and macronutrients accordingly. Eating out often means eating not only more overall calories, but also a higher percentage of fats and carbohydrates. In this instance, work back and lower your breakfast and lunch quantities and stick to meals higher in protein.

8. Ask for your sauces on the side. You’ll be able to cut our a huge number of calories just by lowering your quantities of sauces and dips.

9. Check the menu before you head out. It’s not always possible, but if you are able this could help you make the right choices before you even sit down to the table.

10. Stick to high protein foods such as chicken, steak and fish. Avoid things like burgers and pies.

11. Ask for potatoes or extra vegetables instead of chips.

12. Request a jug of water for the table.