Exercise OverdoneThe world is made up of different types of people. It’s what makes this planet such an amazing place to live. Personality, taste, preferences, cultural background, upbringing, beliefs all differ greatly from person to person. Even those within the same family.

So is it any wonder that when it comes to exercise, there’s so many different styles and variations out there, each with it’s own tribe of loyal followers?!

Some people seem to find this exercise lark easy. Effortless even.

While for the vast majority of the clients we see, choosing to take up exercise is a minefield and a place they’ve never really felt at home.

So what’s the secret when it comes to creating your own exercise routine?

How do you go from couch potato to exercise enthusiast?

The trick is to find something you enjoy and build yourself a lifestyle around it!

As much as we love empowering women to lift weights and strengthen their physiques for fat loss, we’re also firm believers in helping you do the things you enjoy. We don’t want to force our own beliefs onto others – unless of course they ask us for our opinion on what’s best to meet their goals.

If you find something that you enjoy doing, chances are you’ll stick to it consistently enough to see the changes to your physique. No, this doesn’t mean lying in bed eating pizza, sadly.

Ask yourself these questions…

  1. “What did I enjoy doing as a child”?

If it’s team sports or games then perhaps you could find out about getting back into that sport, or join a group exercise/Group PT session.

If you’re a competitive person who likes challenging yourself, try benchmarking your progress and making a game out of it? Or why not register for something like Tough Mudder or an obstacle race?

If you enjoy learning and perfecting your skills, why not try something like kickboxing, boxing, kettlebells or dance. 

For the more private person, why not try swimming, golf, or individual sports? Or take up 1:1 Personal Training?

  1. In what type of environment do I feel most comfortable to train?

This can include gyms, local parks, private Personal Training studios like ours, Sports Clubs, Dance Halls. Find the type of place where you can be yourself and work on your achievements.

  1. What motivates me?

For many people, we meet, it’s the drive for results. To achieve a leaner, slimmer, more athletic physique.

But also, try to think of something externally. Something that really drives those results from your subconscious. This could include things like being a positive, healthy role model for your kids, or looking and feeling more confident on holiday in your skimpy swimwear.

  1. What’s been holding me back and where can I find this help?

Do you lack knowledge in what to eat and what exercises to do to achieve your goals?

Do you need support and encouragement from someone other than your friends and family?

Do you need accountability and the motivation to keep going when times become tough?

Do you need a healthy social community and a place where you feel at home?

Think about where you can find these answers and enlist some help if need be. The simplest and most inexpensive thing you can do is to ask a friend to join you in your path to results. Often this will be just the motivation you both need.

The great thing about Personal Training is that it can be whatever you want it to be! We have PT’s who specialise in rehabilitation, postural alignment and pre/post-natal clients, to those speicalising in fat loss, lean muscle build and sports specific conditioning >> 1:1 PTs

We offer a Group Personal Training programme, designed to give you as many of these skills as possible with the aim of burning fat and maintaining lean muscle mass >> GPT

And for those unable to reach us personally, there’s MYPTonline, our remote coaching service, providing you with the education, nutrition guidance and training programmes to hit your goals in your own gym or from home! >> Coming soon!

Our aim is to make exercise FUN and ENJOYABLE so that you continue to work through your programme week on week, month on month, year on year.

From here, we can build the consistent habits required to make this a lifestyle and not a chore.