• Not loosing weightIn this brief blog entry, I consider the 4 main reasons, not to say these are definitive, to why you are not losing weight. I have also looked at an easy way to fix the problems that you can relate to! Enjoy….

  • SugarThere is sugar in almost everything, but added sugar is one of the very real reasons behind our expanding waist lines.

    One of the problems with sugar is that it is addictive. In simple terms, when we eat sugar, receptors in our brain reward centre make us feel good. In fact, it makes us feel so good, that it tends to be the first thing we reach for when we feel tired, stressed or really hungry.

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    Here's a basic rundown: A body fat test is an attempt to seperate every pound of your body into one of two categories: your fat mass and everything else. What isn't fat mass is considered "lean body mass" which consists of your bones, muscles, hair, water, and all the other stuff... So no, it's not just muscle!

  • Body Fat BurningAs we get ready for the launch of MYPT Muscle this December, Head PT and Director Tom Riddick gives us his lowdown on the importance of incorporating resistance training in any fat loss phase.

    Those of you who have been training with us will already know the importance we place on muscle build in any fat burn programme.

    This is where we differ from Weight Watchers, Slimming World and other weight loss plans out there. This is where we excel.

  • DietNow, not all transformations are the same. When you hear the word transformation, what do you automatically think of? I bet you are thinking of someone who has gone from overweight to a rippling six pack, am I right? Well you are half right, but that is not the only type of transformation, some people’ goal would be to put ON weight, or more specifically, muscle. We will get into this in a bit more depth later in this article.

  • Exercise Chin UpHypertrophy is defined as an increase in the size or volume of our body organs or tissues/muslces. Some people refer to this as ‘getting toned’. The best way to achieve hypertrophy is through resistance or weight training – but there is more to this than simply mindlessly throwing dumbbells about for an hour in the gym once a week. If like the majority of the population, you want a trim, toned and tight physique then follow these guidelines and get more bang for your buck when it comes to your workout:

  • CarbsFirst I want to start this blog post with a confession….YES, I was one of those guys that would do what most of us have done when wanting to lose weight, I cut carbs in an attempt to lose the excess lbs and yes, it worked for a time. I was at a stage where I was uneducated about nutrition and thought that a healthy lunch was a yogurt and orange. Fast forward in time and I am now of a totally different mindset and will even have a carb heavy meal right before I go to bed (I will explain why later). So, let’s get to it….