New Year ResoloutionIt’s time to make your New Year’s Resolutions! Follow my advice and set yourself some resolutions that will last.

Some people think that making New Year’s Resolutions is a waste of time but ignore that negativity!! It’s a New Year! A fresh start! If you’re anything like me (and half the population of the world!), you’ll have overindulged over the holiday period and now be full of motivation, rearing to go and excited to start overhauling your whole self on the 1st January! GREAT! Use that motivation to give yourself a kick start but…remember last year? Remember when mid-January hit and you couldn’t keep up with all the huge changes you’d promised to make…remember when you then beat yourself up for *failing* once again? No one wants that! Get yourself a pen and paper and make your resolutions, but follow this guide to make sure that your resolutions are achievable, sustainable and perhaps most importantly, enjoyable!

Limit yourself

Write down EVERYTHING you want to achieve this year. All your resolutions – just write them down as they come into your head. (They needn’t all be fitness related!) Now, rank your resolutions from most important to least important. Which ones are most important for you to achieve. Keep the top 3.

Break it down

Let us imagine that of your 3 new resolutions, the first one is ‘lose weight.’ Think about what that actually means. Lose a pound? Lose a stone? Lose 4 stone? Does it mean that you want to drop a dress size? Drop two sizes? Do you want to weigh what you weighed last year at a certain time? Make it specific so that it is clear in your head what it is that you actually want to achieve. Picture it.

Ring fence it

Now you know you want to lose X amount of weight – decide when you want to achieve this by. By the end of the year? By your holiday in the summer? How will you be able to plan to achieve your resolution, if you don’t know when it needs to be achieved by?

Is it possible?

You want to lose ‘X’ amount of weight by the time ‘Y’ comes around. So you need to lose ‘Z’ per week in order for that to happen. Is this achievable? Hopefully it is and if it isn’t, go back to the drawing board and take things a little easier on yourself…it’s OK to do that.

Make it happen

Right – things are in place. Now what. How will you make sure you hit that weekly goal you’ve set yourself. Grab your diary, figure out which days you can exercise and for how long. Remember – BE REALISTIC!! Don’t schedule in 6 days of training twice a day because you probably won’t be able to keep that up! On a new calendar highlight training days and that’s what you need to stick with to achieve your resolution. Make a list of 12-16 healthy, easy to cook meals and build a shopping list around them. That’s what you need to stick with to achieve your resolution! Tell the people who will support you. Join the MYPT community and get active on social media. Share your achievements - no matter how small you think they might be, you'll be more likely to keep going when you're accountable to lots of different people. 

Now you’ve built yourself a real, achievable, manageable and time specific resolution. You’re good to go!!

If you want some advice when it comes to making your New Year’s Health and Fitness Resolutions, book in for a free accountability session with one of our expert trainers.