MyPT 151016 Dynamic Group 4

At MYPT we’ve designed over 75 progressive workouts with 3 main styles all geared towards reducing body fat and increasing strength and muscle. 

Expect to feel the benefits of increased Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) for up to 36 hours post-workout as we spike metabolism and increase energy.

What does a typical session look like?

* Each session will operate with the following structure:

- 0-10 minutes: Your PT will demonstrate the workout plan for the day and its work/rest periods. This includes progressions and regressions where necessary.

Please let us know at this point if you are carrying any injuries.

You will also be taught any particluarly challenging exercises more thoroughly before the session begins so they are fresh in your mind.

Those who have been shown the exercises previously and feel confident should use this time to use their own individual mobility routine.

- 5 minutes: The group comes together for a dynamic warm-up and mobility routine.

- 30-40 minutes: Main session

* This workout contains 7 staple movement patterns which will prove key to your results;

- Squat

- Bend to extend

- Horizontal Push

- Vertical Push

- Horizontal pull

- Vertical Pull

- Rotate

* These will form the basis of your workouts, sandwiched between high intensity bouts of full-body cardio and explosive exercises. This is designed to be intense, relative to your fitness levels, with regressions and progressions available at every station.

* Each session contains 12 main exercises, which you will repeat several times at the target reps and tempo. Intensity will build over the course of a 12 week cycle.

- 5 minutes: Cool down and stretch