MovementIf you’ve been following our blogs for a while, you’ll probably well aware of the emphasis we place on resistance training for fat loss; resistance training for muscle build; heck – resistance training for just about everything!

Truth is, nothing really comes close when It comes to body compositional changes.

If you’re looking to burn a significant amount of fat and do this consistently, then resistance training trumps just about everything out there. It’s also incredible for general health and wellness, posture, sports performance. 

The list of benefits spans far and wide.

But at the risk of contradicting ourselves and proverbially challenging those within the resistance camp; there is another extremely effective activity which even those regular weight lifters turn to, when it comes to burning the last bit of stubborn fat.

What is this mysterious activity? …Daily movement!

When it comes to losing fat and keeping it off, we need to take a step back and accept that energy balance is the number one determining factor. That is, we need to be burning more (energy output) than we’re eating (energy input) on a consistent basis.

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By far the easiest way to increase caloric output is to increase your daily movement.

This includes

  1. The activity you do within the gym (exercise activity), and

……wait for it…..

  1. Your daily movement away from the gym, or non-intentional exercise activity.

Hopefully this is all making sense up to now. We’re simply saying we need to move more and eat less. Nothing ground-breaking really.

But what if we told you that the number of calories we burn AWAY from the gym (doing daily activities such as walking, cleaning, moving, shopping, fidgeting even) accounts for MORE calories than you burn IN the gym?

This is true for the clear majority of people. Yet unfortunately, for most of the clients we see, this number is way lower than we’d like it to be.

Our jobs are becoming more automated, systemised and technology dependant than ever before.

We have cars, busses, trains and trams to take us from place to place. We have washing machines, dishwashers, tumble driers and £5 car washes to take all the manual work out of cleaning. We have internet shopping and food delivery services to take the effort out of shopping.

Then add to this our desk-bound, highly stressful jobs – and you can easily see how we’re sitting (sedentary) in the middle of an obesity epidemic.

The energy (calories out) we’re spending doing everyday tasks and movement is accounting for fewer and fewer. Yet we’re not adjusting our food portions (calories in) to suit.

Instead, we’re either gaining fat – or having to do twice as many workouts as we need to be doing to burn off the difference.

One of the priorities within any fat loss regime, especially in overweight populations, is movement.

We’re simply encouraging people to MOVE MORE every day. This doesn’t have to be resistance training, or even “exercise” if you really don’t want it to be. You don’t need to join a gym, hire a Personal Trainer or even come to MYPT for this habit to take effect.

Walk instead of taking the bus. Hand wash your car instead of paying somebody to. Go for long walks on the weekend. Play with your kids. Get up from behind your desk and stretch regularly. Do what you can in your life away from MYPTstudio.

Move more on a daily, weekly, monthly basis than you did previously, and you’ll see the weight loss begin to appear as if by magic!