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Mitch O'Callaghan

Personal Trainer

After studying Sport and Exercise Science at Uni I worked in Media for 5 years and have now come back full circle to the Fitness industry, simply because I love it:

I believe life is about balance. I also believe it is possible to achieve your health & fitness goals whilst looking & feeling great without the need to stop doing the things that you enjoy - I am here to help you do just that.

First I find out what you want to work on, your goals and what you do/ don’t like doing in the gym. I’ll then go away and put a programme together and work with you, implementing the plan and helping you reach your goals.

I feel that enjoyment is as important as concentrating on goals on a session per session basis as if you enjoy the sessions you will stay committed and the goals will come.




Fat loss

Muscle building

Special sports conditioning


 07794 118 543

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What our clients say...

  • mid iphone image 2 1"Since training at MyPTstudio, I've gone from 76kg to 58.4kg, losing 10.5% bodyfat and 7inches from my waistline!

    I've also seen great changes in my posture and my whole outlook on fitness... I love it!" 

    (* Results may vary from person to person)

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