41550681 sStatistics say that 80% of the population will at some stage in their life suffer from acute low back pain.

So if you have never suffered from it you can count yourself pretty lucky. It used to be, and not until too long ago that your doctor would order you to have full on bed rest. Fortunately we have come away from this approach as days of bed rest can be very much counterproductive.

Low back pain has numerous origins some of which can be more serious than others. Do not try to self diagnose and

  • No complete bedrest (unless absolutely necessary).
  • Keep moving about, don’t remain in one position for too long. When lying down, lie flat on your back and consider elevating your legs, hips and knees bent at 90 degrees. Most commonly prolonged sitting and standing still aggravates peoples back pain.
  • Either ice or a heat pad can be helpful in easing the pain, depending on the cause
  • A massage or manipulative/mobilization techniques have been shown to be effective in treating some causes of low back pain


  • If you frequently experience low back pain consider a trip to a practitioner/therapist experienced in dealing with low back pain, such as a chiropractor, osteomyologist, or osteopath. They should be able to detect any underlying causes such as postural abnormalities or muscular weakness and can advise you on appropriate rehabilitation exercises.
  • If you experience worsening pain over several days and or pain which starts in the back then refers into the leg it is best to visit a practitioner/therapist who has experience in treating low back pain for an appropriate diagnosis
  • If you experience shooting pains into the leg and a loss of function/weakness in your leg and possibly urinary or bowel incontinence this is an emergency and a trip to the A&E is necessary


DISCLAIMER: Always if in doubt and if you are unsure about the cause of your low back pain consider taking the advice of an appropriately qualified practtioner


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