DietNow, not all transformations are the same. When you hear the word transformation, what do you automatically think of? I bet you are thinking of someone who has gone from overweight to a rippling six pack, am I right? Well you are half right, but that is not the only type of transformation, some people’ goal would be to put ON weight, or more specifically, muscle. We will get into this in a bit more depth later in this article.

I have broken this down in to 5 simple steps:

1) Your nutritional approach MUST fit your lifestyle, not the other way around

Everyone is different which is why there is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to nutrition. A Chief Exec of a multinational company’s lifestyle is going to be somewhat different to a mother of two young children, and this needs to be accounted for. What works for one person, may not work for the next.

2) It must be sustainable. You must be able to see yourself doing it 12 months from now!

If you cannot see yourself doing the same thing with your nutrition a year from now then to be frank, it is NOT the right approach for you. If you cannot stomach Chicken, Rice & Veg, don’t have it. A healthy nutritional approach is Varied, Balanced and more importantly sustainable. Don’t set unrealistic restrictions on your nutritional approach as the likelihood is that you will ditch it after a very short period.

3) It must be enjoyable

If you are that chocolate monster and you decide that you are going to cut out chocolate completely, forget it! In a week’s time you’ll be elbow deep in empty wrappers, and that’s because you have deprived yourself of it completely. Instead, factor in some chocolate to your diet and it will be enjoyable! It is so simple to construct an enjoyable nutrition approach, which will therefore be sustainable (see point 2)

4) It should be goal specific

Ok, this is a big one. Do you have a clearly defined goal? If not then forget about constructing your diet until you do, a lot will depend on this point. Are you looking to cut fat? If so then you diet needs to be one that is full with voluminous foods that contain very little calories, this will help you feel full and satiated whilst still being in a calorie deficit, bingo!!! On the flip side you have those who want to put on some muscle. This is when you need to ensure you are eating ENOUGH. Lots of people will claim to be eating sufficient calories, but the majority of the time they are not.

5) It must keep you satisfied

Finally, your diet HAS to be satisfying both in terms of hunger and taste! If you can control your hunger, then ultimately you will control your cravings! Control your craving and if your goal is fatloss then this will help and if your goal is lean muscle gain controlling your cravings will help you minimise the fat gain during this transformation meaning when you switch you goal to a fatloss transformation your job will be that much easier.

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