Christmas Clean eatingThe festive feeling is most definitely upon us here at MYPT Studio.

The lights, the tinsel, and the Santa's hats!

But if it’s one thing we ALL have in the back of our minds it’s our epic meal that the whole family come together for. Let’s just take a second to remember what we are about to get ourselves involved with here; tins of Roses and Quality Street, whipped/pouring/ice cream, rich desserts, glazed meat and vegetables, mince pies, Christmas coffees, candy canes and of course, alcohol.

Now there should be no rules at Christmas, so here are a words of wisdom you may wish to take into account if you don’t want a belly the size of father Christmas by the end of the day. Let's start from the beginning.Don’t get overwhelmed by all the presents in your stocking at the end of the bed go and eat a good breakfast – do not skip breakfast in order to ‘save yourself’ for the big meal. Your body will go into starvation mode meaning that your body and brain will go crazy at the dinner table. My family, and most, I believe, sit down for ‘dinner’ around 3 o’clock or 4 o’clock. If you are peckish between breakfast and this time, do not starve! Nibble on some nuts or fruit. Don’t reach for the chocolates sitting on the coffee table, they won’t fill you up!

Christmas DinnerWhen its comes to the main dinner its not uncommon to fill your plate to your eyes content. We all have that little devil on our shoulder whispering "one more potato won't hurt is Christmas after all!" Remove that devil before he undoes all your hard work leading up to today.

Instead, fill your plate sparingly, and then when you have finished, wait a few minutes, drink some water, and decide whether or not you really need that extra mountain of food. You probably won’t. Take the same approach with dessert, and chances are you will be full enough not to snack on anything else after dinner.

If you are really serious about losing weight over Christmas, there are some alternatives that will be less damaging. Swap roast potato for boiled sweet potato; they're more nutritious and won’t bloat you like the regular potato. Swap thick sliced appetiser bread for olives or pickles, etc etc.

Think about what you’re putting in your mouth like you do every other day.

Now in the evening I'm sure everyone likes to sip on an alcoholic beverage sat infront of  a Christmas special on the television ... But sometimes this can be more damaging than the food. Most important is choosing what you drink ... or whats in your drink. Wine is the most calorie-friendly selection with a typical 20 calories per ounce. Each 5-ounce glass would then be 100 calories with no cholesterol, sodium or fat. If you’re going to drink high calorie liquor, use calorie-free mixers like diet soda or diet tonic water. Choosing light beers will drop your caloric intake without sacrificing much flavour.

If you start to get a bit figgity while waiting for dinner or other family memeber to arrive and you dont have a very important job like watching the brusslesprout to boil to perfection and you feel the need to get a bit of exercise, grab a friend or relative, hat, scarf, and gloves ... open the front door and walk till your legs are content! Better still the new running shoe you got from under the tree this morning take them for a test run! 

To sum things up in a word... Sensible. Be a wiseman/woman and follow the star to the next day when the gym will be open and you can carry on like normal. If you do have a melt down at the dinner table and bury your face in the Christmas pudding, hopefully when its not still on fire, remember its just 1 day and you can get back on the ski jump tomorrow and fly into the next year reaching new heights with MyPTstudio. 


Merry Christmas!


Nathan Rawlings