RoutinePlanning and preparing a weekly ‘routine’ is considered a fairly easy task, anybody could do it; the tough part comes with actually implementing it! Think about routines you have attempted to put in place within your life – this could be academic, financial or even dietary based! Have you succeeded before? Or do you always find yourself ‘falling off the wagon’ after just a few days?



 A dictionary definition of routine is “a course of action to be followed regularly.” Simply put, a routine is a series of steps or actions that are to be performed regularly for the purpose of achieving a specific goal or objective. If you want to lose weight, gain weight, or tone up those beach body bits, all the steps you repeatedly take in achieving that goal can be defined as routine.

The importance of having a routine can never be over emphasized, if you listen to motivational speakers or successful individuals, you’d discover that they always stress the need to put a routine in place and then keep to it.

The benefits of having a routine and consistently keeping to it include the following:

Building good habits: Having a routine would help you to have a sense of organisation in your life. Waking up with a sense of ownership, organisation and order in your life, will mean that you are better poised to get through your ‘to do’ list for the day. By consciously deciding what we want to do with our day, means that we are more inclined to actually do it! This helps us build better habits along the way. Having a routine also helps reduce the mental stress of having to schedule your day since you already know what you are going to do with your time!

Negates the need for willpower and motivation: A routine helps reduce the stress of having to motivate ourselves to do anything. By having a routine, we are already accustomed to doing it and it becomes a natural part of us.

Builds momentum: Having a routine helps you to build momentum in no time! By consistently doing something small at regular intervals, you will discover it pays off largely later on! Imagine learning five new words a day, though it seems little, in a year you would have learnt over 1500 new words!

It helps you become good at things: Developing and sticking to a routine helps you become better at what you do. By consistently practicing, perfection is achieved.

Saves work on the back end: By routinely doing a particular thing, you save yourself the stress that would have come by letting it pile up. By exercising for 3 hours each week, every week – you will save yourself the stress of having reached the end on the year with weight gain and low energy followed by having to start from scratch in the New Year!

What are you waiting for?! Start planning your routine today and reap the benefits!

See you at the top.