SAM 1732Mobility is an important factor in anyone’s training. You can be Usain Bolt holding the fastest man alive record; little old Agnus trying to get the shopping done; or simply a seated office worker just trying to get in shape and beat the negative posture impact of the desk. 

All of these people want to be able to make their tasks easier to them, without the restrictions that can come from pain, injury, a lack of training and - most likely - a lack of mobility.

Gone are the days of Mr Motivator’s ‘push through the pain’ style of training and ‘feel the burn’. We now live in a time where we know more than we ever about the human body, its physiological make up, what makes it stronger, but now also what makes it weaker.

“You’re only as strong as your weakest link”

In an industry now saturated with bootcamps, leisure clubs, budget gyms, 6 week personal trainers and various other go-to places for people to “get fit”, it can be seen as the norm to be told to “train hard”, “push through the pain” and “#beastmode”. Well chances are your weakest link isn’t even considered here – potentially damaging your body and your long-term progress.

SAM 1706This is where we are different at MYPT. Everyone begins with a Movement Screen. This series of Assessments forms the initial 10 minutes of our Group Training Programme, while you can also be screened in full during our Workshop-style sessions – held twice a month. The aim here is to educate you on your unique mobility requirements and help integrate these techniques into your pre, mid and post exercise routines.

How can we make you squat better, how can we make you faster, how can we make you stronger if we don’t understand or know where those weaker links are in your movement patterns? During our 10 step Movement Screen, we will go over our key assessments, what they are testing for and why, and how you can use them to your advantage in your training own training.

Make sure your training is as unique as you are - live, train, evolve.

Ryan Summers,


Ryan has helped develop the MyPT360 Group PT Movement Screen as part of his role as Senior Trainer at MyPTstudio. He runs MyPT360 Movement Screen Workshops every 4 weeks, along with Wednesday morning Group PT sessions. 

MyPT360 Group Training Programme information can be found here.

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