• 4 Reasons you’re NOT losing weight

    Not loosing weightIn this brief blog entry, I consider the 4 main reasons, not to say these are definitive, to why you are not losing weight. I have also looked at an easy way to fix the problems that you can relate to! Enjoy….

  • 5 easy ways to cut back on sugar!

    SugarThere is sugar in almost everything, but added sugar is one of the very real reasons behind our expanding waist lines.

    One of the problems with sugar is that it is addictive. In simple terms, when we eat sugar, receptors in our brain reward centre make us feel good. In fact, it makes us feel so good, that it tends to be the first thing we reach for when we feel tired, stressed or really hungry.

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast Breakfast is renowned for the being the most important meal of the day – although there have been studies to both support and contradict this age old saying, if you have a long day ahead of you, and you’re regularly active – you should consider the way in which your breakfast will impact you.


  • Carbs, Carbs, Carbs

    CarbsCarbs, carbs, carbs! Everybody’s favourite macronutrient and the first thing that we try to reduce when dieting! But is it right to have carb fear? Do you know how much to eat and of which type?

  • Dieting. Get your head around it

    Diet PlanYou’ve worked really hard all week at sticking to your diet plan. You’ve been under on your calories on a few days and trained four times – in fact, you’ve been SO ‘good’ that you decide to ‘treat’ yourself with a ‘cheat’ meal on Friday night.

  • Does your nutrition plan reflect your goals?

    PlanNutrition is key when it comes to achieving your health, body and fitness goals. Making sure that your nutrition plan reflects the goals that you are looking to achieve is vital for success.


  • Fat Burning: Are you in it for the long haul?

    Body Fat BurningAs we get ready for the launch of MYPT Muscle this December, Head PT and Director Tom Riddick gives us his lowdown on the importance of incorporating resistance training in any fat loss phase.

    Those of you who have been training with us will already know the importance we place on muscle build in any fat burn programme.

    This is where we differ from Weight Watchers, Slimming World and other weight loss plans out there. This is where we excel.

  • Food Fears.... Destroyed!

    SnacksIt seems as though every day we must add to our list of ‘foods not to be consumed’ due to the ‘unhealthy’ properties they carry. But, some foods are getting bad press for no reason at all. There is no reason why the following foods shouldn’t continue to have a place within your healthy diet.

  • How much fat should you be eating?

    FatsOver the past few years we’ve been told to eat low-fat, high-fat, no-fat and moderate-fat within our daily diet. It’s no surprise we are all a little confused! One thing should be made clear – fat is not the enemy!


  • Keep Calm and Chew!

    eating saladIt’s common knowledge that we should all take the time to eat more slowly. It aids digestion, hydration, weight loss and gives you a greater enjoyment from your meals – whereas if you wolf down your meals without thought, your digestion along with your overall health and wellbeing will suffer.

  • Protein Power

    Protein foodWhatever your health, fitness or body goal may be, there is one thing that everyone will have in common. The consumption of good quality protein is a must!

    Protein is an essential nutrient for the healthy development of the human body. Its primary function is to act as building block, helping us to grow and repair body tissues – although it is involved in many other processes too.

  • Reasons you SHOULD be eating carbs

    CarbsFirst I want to start this blog post with a confession….YES, I was one of those guys that would do what most of us have done when wanting to lose weight, I cut carbs in an attempt to lose the excess lbs and yes, it worked for a time. I was at a stage where I was uneducated about nutrition and thought that a healthy lunch was a yogurt and orange. Fast forward in time and I am now of a totally different mindset and will even have a carb heavy meal right before I go to bed (I will explain why later). So, let’s get to it….

  • Stress busting foods...

    Salmon and RiceIn today’s ever increasingly hectic world, stress is an unwelcome fixture in many lives.  Emotional stressors are something we have to deal with on an hourly basis, and we are frequently exposed to physical stressors too.