Goal PlanIf you don’t already have a goal – now is the time to get one. We should all have a goal, whether it’s to be a genius like Albert Einstein, a good basketball player like Michael Jordan or to have the booty of Beyoncé, the point is that we need to have a goal and we should continuously strive to achieve it.  But… as easy as it is to set a goal, discarding it is even easier!

When things aren’t perhaps going as well as we wanted them too, we often suspend our goals or discard them entirely. Let’s take weight loss – most people we see at the studio come in and say that their goal is to ‘lose weight.’ It can be quite frustrating if you’re exercising regularly, eating properly and still not shifting the pounds you wanted to lose when you started out. So do you decide that you can’t just continue and quit? Have you ever imagined what would happen if you decided instead to change the goalposts?

Adjusting the goalposts can help you to achieve more!

Most of the time, the issue arises because often we end up setting our goals too high! Strap lines for diets like ‘lose 10 pounds in 10 days!’ don’t help when it comes to setting realistic goals! Impossible (and unhealthy!) goals like this are what make us easily frustrated and likely to give up!

Adjusting your target to something more reasonable within a given time can greatly help you to achieve your end goals in a faster time than we would have by setting our hopes too high. Remember the popular phrase “slow and steady wins the race”?  It’s time to put that into action! Having a lower and easier to achieve objective would help you realise your goal quicker than you initially imagined!

If your goal is to shed 12kg in three months, you could divide that into 1kg in a week. By focusing on losing just 1kg per week, you won’t feel bogged down and give up and with persistence and consistency – you’ll make that long term goal of 12kg!  

Think about your body, health or fitness goal. Now break it down into manageable chunks! If you need some help – pop into the studio and book an accountability appointment with one of our expert trainers.