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Cassia Perkins

Personal Trainer

Two years ago I was a size 12-14 and was not happy with my body. I knew my health was poor so I decided to change my lifestyle. I began to eat healthily, exercise more and made this a part of my lifestyle. From this, I noticed dramatic changes in my body – which was when I decided to take things to the next level and compete in my first fitness model show.

It took me 12 weeks to transform my body so I would be stage-ready. In 2013 I placed first and was crowned Miss Bikini European Champion out of 20 competitors. Since then, I’ve been driven to helping my clients achieve their goals in a similar way.


Weight-Loss and Toning

Resistance Training

Competition Prop and Nutrition Planning


07969 843723

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What our clients say...

  • mid iphone image 2 1"Since training at MyPTstudio, I've gone from 76kg to 58.4kg, losing 10.5% bodyfat and 7inches from my waistline!

    I've also seen great changes in my posture and my whole outlook on fitness... I love it!" 

    (* Results may vary from person to person)

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