BFIn gyms all around the world there are thousands of people doing hundreds of sit-ups, crunches, v sits and a wide range of ab exercises hoping to lose the fat from the belly.

We get asked this question all the time. The thought process for many people is that if we do 100 sit ups then we will lose body fat from the belly.  Simple!... Or maybe not?

Have you seen anyone that this worked for?

Imagine if someone only did sit-ups every day and it actually worked., then wouldn't they end up with an amazing pack but every other area on their body would still have lots of body fat?  No one in the world has an amazing 6 pack but massive amounts of fat on their back and legs and fingers!

The truth is that no one can spot-reduce fat from  any one area of the body alone.

Over decades the fitness industry has marketed many ab machines, at home crunching machines and electric ab machines for you to buy to get a better waistline, using a fitness model who is in great shape already and claiming you will reduce fat from the belly.

This has built up a massive myth in people's minds that they need to do sit-ups to lose their belly and we need to stop it and get down to the truth


Losing fat can only been done if the amount of calories you eat is slightly less than the amount you consume. FACT!

Once the body is in a state of losing fat it will use any fat store it likes for the extra energy it needs. Generally the body follows a pattern which is predominately linked to your DNA and genetics.

Most people will lose fat from the extremities first, such as hands, feet, face. Then the body will take from legs and the arms and chest.  Lastly the body will take the last bit of fat from the belly button region.  Women and Men have a little bit of different code due to different hormones.  This doesn't mean you won't lose any fat from the belly till the end, far from it. You will however seen definition in arms, shoulders, back and legs before you see it around the belly button.

The only way to lose fat from the belly is to lower your total body fat%  and then when it is low enough the belly will be gone.