Christmas Clean eatingThe festive feeling is most definitely upon us here at MYPT Studio.

The lights, the tinsel, and the Santa's hats!

...While still having fun!!

ChristmasChristmas is fast approaching. Many of us will be easing off from work and possibly the exercise routine too. We know this is a time when our clients need us most - even if it's just to give a gentle reminder of the bigger picture.

We've compiled the following 10 tips which we regularly use with clients to help them stay on track during the festive period...

SAM 1732Mobility is an important factor in anyone’s training. You can be Usain Bolt holding the fastest man alive record; little old Agnus trying to get the shopping done; or simply a seated office worker just trying to get in shape and beat the negative posture impact of the desk. 

FullSizeRender'Benchmark Week' an all important phase of your training! This article looks to provide you with all you need to know ..

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At MYPT we’ve designed over 75 progressive workouts with 3 main styles all geared towards reducing body fat and increasing strength and muscle. 

Expect to feel the benefits of increased Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) for up to 36 hours post-workout as we spike metabolism and increase energy.

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Here's a basic rundown: A body fat test is an attempt to seperate every pound of your body into one of two categories: your fat mass and everything else. What isn't fat mass is considered "lean body mass" which consists of your bones, muscles, hair, water, and all the other stuff ... So no, it's not just muscle!

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The MyPTstudio Band System exists to give our Group PT sessions more of a personal touch. Each station has 5 levels of exercise intended to challenge, relative to your own fitness levels.

MobilityMobility is an important factor in anyone’s training. Whether you’re Usain Bolt aiming for a new World Record attempt, or simply somebody who sits at a desk for far too long and wants to get into shape – we all need to mobilise before exercise. We all need to mobilise post exercise. And often, we all need to mobilise during exercise also.