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There’s no doubt that technology has been a huge boon for many people. But, there are downsides to technology as well, particularly for those who work with devices such as computers, laptops and tablets every day.

Repetitive use injuries and other conditions that lead to chronic pain are increasingly common and cause a variety of symptoms that can take a toll.

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Cupping therapy has been used for thousands of years within different cultures to encourage internal healing and help alleviate deep muscular problems. By using negative pressure glass cups are used on the body to access deeper layers of the muscle fascia.

The pressure within the cups creates a vacuum and pulls the skin and muscle gently upwards which increases blood flow and reduces muscle compression. Due to the negative even pressure the cups can be used on the spine and bones.

39981151 sIn recent years the fasting window has been getting longer and longer and this year it is especially tough with the fasting window lasting anywhere from 16-20 hours depending on your location.

For people seeking to improve their body composition or fitness this period of time is something of an uphill battle, we need to put in place some structure to make sure we reduce any negative effects we can.

As we understand them the rules for Ramadan (and please correct us if we are wrong) are a total fast from dawn to sunset. No food or drink at all during the day until prayers in the evening.

Over TrainingExercise plays a huge part in the reduction of stress - but is it always a case of 'more is better'?

Is there such a thing as exercising too much? Can our bodies become stressed from exercising too often or for too long?

MYPT Running Coach, Therapist and Personal Trainer Bea takes a closer look at this issue...

Exercise OverdoneThe world is made up of different types of people. It’s what makes this planet such an amazing place to live. Personality, taste, preferences, cultural background, upbringing, beliefs all differ greatly from person to person. Even those within the same family.

So is it any wonder that when it comes to exercise, there’s so many different styles and variations out there, each with it’s own tribe of loyal followers?!

BFIn gyms all around the world there are thousands of people doing hundreds of sit-ups, crunches, v sits and a wide range of ab exercises hoping to lose the fat from the belly.

We get asked this question all the time. The thought process for many people is that if we do 100 sit ups then we will lose body fat from the belly.  Simple!... Or maybe not?

Strategy1Over the years, we’ve helped all kinds of clients achieve some truly incredible transformations.

We’ve seen weight lost, fat lost, inches lost. We’ve seen lean muscle gain, energy gain and motivation gain. Every client who works with us, benefits from expert coaching, accountability, support from some of the finest Personal Trainers in the industry.

We provide you with education, answers to your questions and peace of mind that you’re doing all you can to achieve incredible long-term results.

Balance BadGood DietYou’ve probably seen this guy wearing a weighted vest, performing crazy exercise after crazy exercise at an intensity that makes you feel shattered just watching him.

He’ll probably hit the sauna for 30 minutes straight after his workout just to sweat out the last of the damage from the weekend.

His intentions are fine. There’s even some reasoning and theory behind it. All of us – including us PT’s - have all thought the same at some point too.

DietWhen it comes to fat loss, just about every fitness professional, nutritionist and diet coach is in agreement that energy balance is the number 1 determining factor. For the most part, we’re playing a game of numbers: eat less than you burn day-in, day out and you will lose weight. Consistently eat more than you burn and, yep you guessed it, you’ll gain weight!

Here are 3 strategies people often use to lose weight – together with a brief review of the benefits and pitfalls:

MovementIf you’ve been following our blogs for a while, you’ll probably well aware of the emphasis we place on resistance training for fat loss; resistance training for muscle build; heck – resistance training for just about everything!

Truth is, nothing really comes close when It comes to body compositional changes.

If you’re looking to burn a significant amount of fat and do this consistently, then resistance training trumps just about everything out there. It’s also incredible for general health and wellness, posture, sports performance. 

Multi Sign CaloriesSo as you’ll understand from our blogs up to this point, losing fat comes down to energy balance – the number of calories we eat vs the number of calories we burn.

If you have these numbers consistently the right way around then you should see the changes you’re hoping for translate to the scales soon enough.

Understanding ‘what goes in’ (I.e. your calories from food) is relatively straight forward. Food companies are all now required by law to clearly display calories, ingredients, ratios and make-up on their food labels.