FullSizeRender'Benchmark Week' an all important phase of your training! This article looks to provide you with all you need to know ..

As Personal Trainers, we use various tests to benchmark a clients’ progress. Bodyfat, muscle mass, hydration, metabolic age are all categories we cover during your Health Assessment and subsequent re-assessments.

But what about tests to monitor your physical progress during your sessions?

This is where Benchmark week comes in...

Benchmark week takes place every 12 weeks, replacing all Group Training Sessions for that week. This is an important week in your journey, giving us the chance to test various physical benchmarks, including:

  - Mobility and flexibility

  - Balance and coordination

  - Agility

  - Cardiovascular fitness

  - Strength

  - Endurance

  - Power

The sessions are a test of your own fitness levels – We are not competing against one another here!

These sessions are intended to be hard work, but educational in nature. Expect to learn more about what your body can do – with the intention for you to have a clear strategy to work on those areas holding you back. We firmly believe that finding out what your body is capable of is key to what you can achieve with us.

Furthermore, if we get you stronger, fitter, more agile and powerful - then we are already a very long way towards helping you change your body composition. The fitter we get you the better you'll look!

What does a Benchmark Session look like?

SAM 1706- 0-10mins – Mobility and Flexibility testing.

This will include our 8 key Mobility Assessments, allowing us to establish any weak links in your mobility and draw you up a corrective programme, unique to you and your body.

- 40minutes – Fitness Benchmarks.

Here we will split you into groups of 2 or 3 and ask you to work on various fitness benchmarks. Take your time here and encourage your team member to pull out a PB! You can test and re-test as much as you like.

- 5-10 mins – cool down and stretch.

You'll all have results sheets to fill out and keep within our benchmark folder, which is kept within the studio. A coloured wristband will be given out to you once all benchmark tests are complete. This colour band will then give you a clearer idea on what exercises you should be doing within your Group PT sessions.

Read our blog article on the band system, here.

These sessions will form part of our Group PT Programme every 8 weeks.