Not loosing weightIn this brief blog entry, I consider the 4 main reasons, not to say these are definitive, to why you are not losing weight. I have also looked at an easy way to fix the problems that you can relate to! Enjoy….

#1 You have no idea how much you are eating and for this reason you are simply eating too much! Yes, you are eating nice healthy meals of grilled chicken, some leafy green veg & a nice healthy carb source such as rice or sweet potato, now here comes the but…. you’re eating too much of it!!! You are consuming more calories than you are burning and as such not losing weight and potentially putting some on!

Fix this…. Find out what your maintenance calories are and aim for that number daily. Hit below and you WILL lose weight, it’s as simple as that.

#2 You’re not being honest with yourself. I am now assuming you know how many calories you need to maintain weight and are consistently looking to consume less than this daily. But there is one snag, the occasional biscuit is creeping in here and there that you “forget” to count! As insignificant as the 53 calories from that single Oreo may seem they all add up!

Fix this…. Include foods that you enjoy into your nutrition plan and you won’t crave them.

#3 Your goal is not measurable. You have said I want to lose weight, great, but what you have not done is set this as a measurable goal. You have no idea how much weight you want to lose or by when.

Fix this…. Set targets, goals are fantastic ways of keeping you accountable, but they need to be quantifiable. Say to yourself, “I WILL lose 1lb a week for the next 6 weeks”. This goal is now measurable!

#4 You are not being consistent enough. Any weight loss program takes 3 things (in my opinion) Patience, Consistency and determination! These three things in equal measures and you can achieve great things. To remain consistent, you need to set up a nutritional and training approach that is sustainable. 10 training session spread out over a 4-week period will yield more long term results than 10 sessions over 2 weeks!

Fix this…. Be realistic with your own expectations of your ability to train and don’t place too many restrictions on your nutrition. Start small and work your way up.

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