Running 2 peopleRunning should just be easy. One foot in front of the other and repeat, right?!

So why would anyone benefit from hirning a Running Coach or attending the MYPT Run Workshop if they’re not a professional athlete?

Here are 4 reasons...


1. You're complete beginner and are looking for motivation and for help getting started.

A coach can help motivate you and keep you going when you think you might want to give up. A coach can also help make sure you increase your running distance safely without risking injury.

2. You've been running for a while, you initially made regular progress over a few months but you’re now struggling with increasing the distance and/or pace.

Most likely you will need some support with training differently and changing things up, vary the pace of your runs, introduce intervals, fartleks in order to challenge your body anew and get over that training plateau. A review of your running technique can also make you more effiecient and therefore faster.

3. You struggle with reoccurring injuries and niggles after running.

There can be a variety of reasons for this. Seeing a therapist experienced in treating runners/recreational atletes is one thing, a coach can review your running technique and advice on particular changes, strength or mobility and stability exercises you may want to consider to avoid re-injury

4. You have a particular goal in mind; such as finishing a race; or you have set yourself a goal time, maybe for a marathon PB or a 10k or a parkrun PB?

Again, a combination of evaluating your circumstances, advising you on making you a more efficient/stronger runner and a well thought out training plan will hopefully get you that PB you’re after.

As long as you follow your coaches advice!

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