StepsAre you getting in that elusive 10,000 steps per day? Fear not! There are loads of easy ways to make up the miles.

We all know that leading a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your health and well-being. Sitting at a desk all day can also lead to poor posture, poor digestion and poor concentration levels! Getting just a little bit of exercise every day helps to reduce the risk or disease, prevents premature aging and keeps your brain fresh and happy!

Sadlly not even half of us reach our 10k daily goal – which is roughly 5 miles. Many of us don’t even reach half of that and although the thought of doubling your current step count can be daunting, if you can find small ways to increase your count throughout the day, you won’t even realise you’re doing it!

Try out the following:

1. Ditch your car in favour of public transport

Jumping on a train, bus or even walking to work is the first obvious way to increase your step count. If that isn’t an option for you, try parking a little further away than you need to for work – even if that means the furthest space in the car park – to give you a little boost!

2. Get your drink on

You get double brownie point here – not only will you be wonderfully hydrated, you’ll have to take more frequent trips to the toilet and if you use a smaller bottle, more trips to the water dispenser too!

3. Find a new bathroom

Start using the bathrooms on the floor above or below the one that you work on – you’ll increase your step count in no time at all!

4. Go for a lunch time stroll

This will add steps upon steps to your daily count and it will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for post lunch productivity! You needn’t go far, just a stroll around the block is better than nothing at all

5. Sack off the emails

Instead of emailing or calling your office colleagues, get up off your butt and walk on over to them, deliver your message then head back to your desk! Think about how many emails you send daily that could be voice delivered instead!

6. Take the stairs

Simple. Ditch the lift and take the stairs!! In the train station, walk up the escalator or…take the stairs!

7. Take away your coffee

If you’re meeting a friend or going with a work colleague for a coffee break, get it to take away and walk with it instead!

8. Set yourself a walking alarm

Set an alarm on your phone or emails so that every 60 minutes you get up, walk around the office or to get a drink or to visit a colleague (if it won’t get you…or them, in trouble!) and watch that step count soar!

9. Get up in the ad breaks

When you’re watching telly, get up in the advert breaks and take a walk upstairs or to the furthest point in the house and back again – or march on the spot for the entire break!

10. Get a post dinner walk in

Even if you just walk up and down your garden a few times, a walk after a big meal can help to aid digestion and it’s your last chance to hit that 10k before bedtime!