Balance BadGood DietYou’ve probably seen this guy wearing a weighted vest, performing crazy exercise after crazy exercise at an intensity that makes you feel shattered just watching him.

He’ll probably hit the sauna for 30 minutes straight after his workout just to sweat out the last of the damage from the weekend.

His intentions are fine. There’s even some reasoning and theory behind it. All of us – including us PT’s - have all thought the same at some point too.

DietWhen it comes to fat loss, just about every fitness professional, nutritionist and diet coach is in agreement that energy balance is the number 1 determining factor. For the most part, we’re playing a game of numbers: eat less than you burn day-in, day out and you will lose weight. Consistently eat more than you burn and, yep you guessed it, you’ll gain weight!

Here are 3 strategies people often use to lose weight – together with a brief review of the benefits and pitfalls:

MovementIf you’ve been following our blogs for a while, you’ll probably well aware of the emphasis we place on resistance training for fat loss; resistance training for muscle build; heck – resistance training for just about everything!

Truth is, nothing really comes close when It comes to body compositional changes.

If you’re looking to burn a significant amount of fat and do this consistently, then resistance training trumps just about everything out there. It’s also incredible for general health and wellness, posture, sports performance. 

Multi Sign CaloriesSo as you’ll understand from our blogs up to this point, losing fat comes down to energy balance – the number of calories we eat vs the number of calories we burn.

If you have these numbers consistently the right way around then you should see the changes you’re hoping for translate to the scales soon enough.

Understanding ‘what goes in’ (I.e. your calories from food) is relatively straight forward. Food companies are all now required by law to clearly display calories, ingredients, ratios and make-up on their food labels. 

Scales yes...But what makes our Transformation Challenge 100 times BETTER!

Look everywhere at the moment and you can’t fail to see adverts, articles, facebook pages all championing the benefits of diets such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Herbalife.

You may even be on one of these diets yourself, or know somebody who is right now.

Woman Open ArmsWe all know about the many benefits that exercise has for our body and mind.

With April being Stress Awareness month let’s have a closer look at how exercise can reduce stress and what type of exercise might be most beneficial.

breakfastWe hear it all the time don't we: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, “Eat breakfast to boost metabolism”.

But is breakfast really that important? Is skipping meals really as bad as they say it is for your metabolism? Could skipping breakfast actually make you fat?

Breakfast1What’s Wrong with the Typical Western Breakfast?

Everyday breakfast cereals such as Special-K, Weatabix, Coco Pops, Shredded Wheat contain exceptionally low quantities of nutrients. 

Refined grains/cereals are a poor source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals to such an extent that the government passed a law during the 1970s which required manufacturers to add artificial B vitamins to the cereal grains because of population nutrient deficiencies.

Around 16 nutrients are removed during the refining process but only 5-6 nutrients are added back – all of which are artificial.

RunningYou can find many different plans online and if you wish you can adjust them so that they fit your circumstances or you can have a running coach prepare a plan for you that is very much bespoke and reflects your goals, circumstances and which addresses any particular strengths and weaknesses.

Training Plans very much depend on what your goal is for your race. Do you want to finish, or is your goal to run a particular time?

Running 2 peopleRunning should just be easy. One foot in front of the other and repeat, right?!

So why would anyone benefit from hirning a Running Coach or attending the MYPT Run Workshop if they’re not a professional athlete?

ReflexologyMany of us know that stress is a big killer. On the lower end of the scale it can lead to headaches (even worse, migraines!), stiff neck and shoulders, and if left unchecked, on to even more serious conditions such as ulcers, IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), sciatica, as well as the 'Big C' itself; Cancer.

In today's world, for many, stress seems inescapable, but wouldn't it be great if you could deal with stress head on, and not have to worry about it, knowing that you were being taken care of to help alleviate stress and some of its related conditions.